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We wouldn't be here today without the help of some valuable partners so please check out their websites and show them some support.

The site to go-to for all things golf in New Zealand including booking tee times and lessons. They also feature some great golf articles.

We use the FlightScope Mevo+ in our Golf Simulator. Mevo+ tracks the ball after you've hit it and then presents ball flight information.

Since 2016, Golf Influence reviews the best of golf equipment so golfers like you can save time and avoid the stress of buying.

Simply the best golf simulator software available today. We use it to on our golf sim to allow you to play over 100,000 courses!

Auckland Golf's goal is to actively develop, promote and support recreational and competitive 
golf in the Auckland region.

More software we use on our golf simulator that enables you to play par 3 competitions, longest drives and 4 fun courses.

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